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OK ... it has been a long time coming, but the big poetry site is finally up! While it will take a couple of years to get the full back-log of poems edited into HTML (there are over 4,000 of them!), the most recent years are ready for your perusal.


Eschaton Productions, Inc. ... home of Eschaton Books, and soon to be featuring electronic versions of our quaterly, The Terminal Journal!


Officially lauched in August of 2001, this is the #1 preventative healthcare company and business opportunity out there!
Born of the merger of Rexall Showcase International with Enrich International under the auspices of new parent company (and world leader in human nutrition) Royal Numico, The Unicity Network has the best science-driven products in health, lifestyle, and body care ... come take a look!


Telepathic Media is the premier provider of Pagan media services ... from conferences and events to on-line courses and networking, Telepathic is leading the pack. I've recently come on board to lend expertise in publishing and event planning!


Are you sick of the two "parties of pandering"? The Republicans in the pocket of the Religious Reich, and the Democrats who've never met a "victim group" they didn't want to throw YOUR money at? Dump the bums! Check out the Libertarians!

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