I seem to be on a "resurrection roll" for old web sites ... but so much of my old stuff is inter-linked, once I dealt with one, it seemed only natural to deal with the next.

Actually, BTRIPP.com has been up the whole while, but it's been probably a decade since it was updated (I'd been having a problem with spammers using my e-mail as a "from" domain back then, so I had a note up about that up front, with a link going to the ancient equivalent of this page behind it), and I'm sure anybody following the domain from my e-mail address were sorely disappointed!

However, as I'm currently getting various long-dormant projects back on the web, I figured I'd dust off this page, give it a new look and new content, and start using it as a sig target. So, welcome to the new site!

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I started Eschaton Books back in 1993,
initially to publish my poetry ... and a couple
of decades later, it's cycled back to that!

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Work Projects:
Nature's Little Recyclers, an "urban vermiculture" green-tech project - raising earthworms indoors.

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